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Chloride (Bleach Vacation!)

Chloride To set things straight and up front, let’s not get confused with Chlorine. You will find Chlorine on the Periodic Table, however in the human body it is registered as Chloride and is used as a cleansing agent for the entire neuromusculoskeletal system. This can be viewed as the nervous system, which innervates the […]

Nitrogen (N) (A Balancing Act)

Nitrogen (N) (A Balancing Act) Recently I’ve been reading about the biochemistry of humans. However, let me rewind for a second. Before getting involved in understanding biochemistry, years ago I got into the Paleo movement and quickly loved it and came to the conclusion that proteins were made by amino acids and that is the […]

Oxygen (O) (Burn It Up)

Oxygen (O) (Burn It Up) This element is absolutely amazing. Oxygen itself is everywhere on this planet and usually comes in a compound with the minerals or rocks of the Earth. For example, Iron rusts due to its strong affinity to oxygen creating the compound, Iron Oxide. This element is involved in just about every […]

Hydrogen (H) (Simple, But Powerful)

Hydrogen (H) (Simple, But Powerful) Hydrogen is a pretty interesting element. It is the most basic in the periodic table of chemical elements being the first one on it because it contains just a single proton and a single electron. Hydrogen, which is a gas by nature, is extremely powerful due to its explosiveness. Ever […]

Vitamin K (K for Clotting)

Vitamin K (K for Clotting) Anyone know anything about Vitamin K? Not too many people do as it is often forgotten or neglected in regards to its importance. Because of that there is not much research out there on it so let’s just dive right in and back out in a quick paragraph. If you […]

Vitamin A (I Can See Clearly Now)

  Vitamin A (I Can See Clearly Now) Vitamin A is an interesting vitamin due to its ability to protect our vision. Dating back almost 2.5 million years ago when humans started roaming the Earth they realized one of our most important features was our vision in order to protect ourselves from predators. Basically it’s […]

Vitamin E (Why Fat Is Friendly)

  Vitamin E (Why Fat Is Friendly) Vitamin E is another extremely essential vitamin to the human body, but very often neglected probably because there isn’t much research on it when comparing it to others such as vitamin C or vitamin B. It is a fat soluble vitamin so we must eat good healthy fats […]

Copper (Cu) (Small But Mighty)

Copper (Cu) (Small But Mighty) Copper is one of my favorite minerals and honestly I can’t explain why. Maybe it’s the name, Copper. Or possibly it is because, from deep in my heart and soul, Copper’s element symbol is Cu and I did go to Clemson University… But as I said I can’t really explain […]