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A Conversation Between Nerves

A Conversation Between Nerves In a space that is so microscopically small there still lies a vast sea of unknown territory for the life of a neurochemical. The journey from one nerve cell to the next can many times be a slippery slope and significant things can go wrong. What is it that Murphy’s Law […]

The Connection Of Movement And Food

Exercise and Health… The Connection of Movement and Food When you hear that exercising and health are connected, what are those people really saying? Sure, they are connected, but why does it matter? It matters because of the regulatory and mechanistic responses that come with exercise and movement. There is a bell-shaped curve that exists […]

The Gut-Brain Connection: Part II

The Gut-Brain Connection Part II I concluded the first part of this Gut-Brain post about there being a definite connection between the intestinal tract and the brain, but I pretty much left it at that. In part 2 I’d like to go a little deeper in the connection between the Gut and the Brain. There’s […]

Nerve Transmission… Your Thoughts?

Nerve Transmission… Your Thoughts? Ever thought about how your nervous system actually works? Or are you like most people and have too many other things going on in your life that it goes completely unnoticed? Probably the latter, but as for me, it is a different story. I have thought about it and learned about […]

Intuitive Eating… Your Thoughts?

Intuitive Eating… Your Thoughts? So what does “Intuitive Eating” mean to you?… Well, the word intuitive is a “gut feeling” so to speak. No pun intended there by using the word “gut” since we are talking about intuitive eating. We all know what the word eating means, to consume food as a means of obtaining […]