The Age Of Electronics… Your Thoughts?

The Age of Electronics… What are your thoughts?

This can be a very touchy subject for some and for others it’s easily a laughable matter. However you feel about it, humans are beginning to understand its consequences. If you wrote down a list of Pros and Cons for today’s age of modern electrical devices and the technology they provide, it would take you quite some time. It would also spark endless controversial debate. And that’s exactly why it should be discussed on this next installment of …Your Thoughts?

I am not going to break down a list of Pros and Cons for you here, because that would take years to do and I don’t feel like investing years for a simple thought provoking post. Fortunately, there are people out there who have researched countless hours in the study of Electromagnetic Fields and the effects these fields can have on human health. The research of Martin Blank was intriguing enough for me to theorize about the damage my cell phone could be doing to me late at night regardless of whether I was staring at it or was simply within a certain distance of it. In high school physics, I remember learning that electricity had a magnetic field as well as the amplitude of damage it could cause when lightning struck an organic object. Martin Blank’s research logically made sense about keeping all electrical devices at least 6 feet away from you during sleep.

If you move to the Silicon Valley in California, USA, you will find a lot of technology. This means you are going to find a lot of microchips. When you break apart these microchips you are ultimately going to find that they are made of the element silicon, hence the name of this booming place in California. What is so special with silicon? This is where chemistry comes. We all hear of the underdog sports stories where the team had better chemistry even though the opponent was bigger, faster, stronger, but the real gift of chemistry is everything on this Earth. Everything needs the correct “chemistry” if it is going to operate at peak efficiency and effectiveness. It is no different for the human body and for microchips. The only difference between humans and microchips in regards to silicon is the amount of silicon each has. Silicon easily combines with Oxygen to form Silicate, which is a crystallized structure that can produce a spark of electrical current (a signal) due to its chemical properties. Because of this property, it is why solar powered units can run forever as long as there is enough sun light energy striking the object made of silicon. It is why electrical devices, including cell phones, monitors, and data tracking devices can even operate in the first place. Depending on the purpose of the Silicon based device, it could potentially use any type of energy to keep it running, not just from sunlight. As for humans, we have a certain amount of silicon that keeps us healthy and moving, just like a sunlight-powered watch.

Remember, the nervous system sends an electrical signal that forces a muscle protein to contract thereby causing movement. But what if I don’t always want to move? The brain and the body need to sleep during the night and allow plenty of time to eliminate all of the built up toxins from the day’s activities. If we don’t get the required 7-9 hours of sleep every night, we will not have the full amount of time to eliminate all such toxins. Even at our oldest of ages, the body still requires 7+ hours of good uninterrupted sleep in order to fully eliminate all toxins. Think about it this way. If our daily activities combined builds up 1000 toxins, and let’s say it take 7-9 hours to eliminate 1000 toxins, then we would have a break even point for our toxicity levels, right? 1000 in = 1000 out. However, let’s say we only get 5 hours of sleep Night 1, which only allows time for 750 toxins to be eliminated. When we wake up on Day 2 we are starting with 250 toxins still in the body. Then we add another 1000 toxins cause you survived Day 2 and you’re now at 1250 total. If you get 5 hours of sleep again on Night 2, then your count goes from 1250 – 750 = 500 toxins still in the body starting on Day 3. If you continue down this process of being in debt 250 toxins each day/night it will add up significantly over time and you will feel like you are constantly being tormented with illness, inflammation, and dis-ease.

Let’s get back to the effects of electronic devices, especially cell phones, when using them before we go to sleep. If we are looking at the screen we have a constant stream of light particles hitting our eyes, which signals to our brains that we need to “stay awake.” This causes the brain to release neurochemicals, which produces more of the stress hormone, cortisol, throughout the body. This process interferes with our sleep cycle and we will never be able to eliminate all of the toxins completely. Staring at an electrical device’s screen after 9pm will only delay the amount of sleep you can possibly get. It will take roughly an hour or two for a healthy brain to wind down before it will shut down. It is not like we can just flip a switch and our brains cut off for the toxin elimination process to begin. The point here is no type of project or work is worth sacrificing your health. Work performance, be it physical or mental, will suffer greatly with even 1 night less than 7-9 hours. For me personally, I always feel the significant positive difference when I get the required amount of sleep.

Let’s be clear here: It’s not just staring at a screen that can have an effect on the body. If the electrical device can receive or transmit a signal, then the energy coming from the EMF produced by the device can cause damage to the human body. This can and will disrupt our sleep cycle, eating habits, how we think and store memory, and even wreak havoc on our professional and personal relationships throughout your lifetime. However, if the electronic device is far enough away from your body or the device cannot transmit a signal because it is in airplane mode or turned off completely, then there will not be current flowing and therefore no electromagnetic field around the device – a simple solution to a growing health concern.

I’ll leave you with this: If performance suffers greatly after only 1 night of sleep deprivation, what happens when you are 1 hour deprived of the required amount of sleep every day for 20 years?… Based on my above example, your toxic load would be nearly 2,000,000 (20 years x 365 days x 250 excess toxins per day).

Inflammation 1. Body 0. Your thoughts?

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