Fluoride (Resist Decay, Stay Young)


Fluorine can be a difficult element to write about because there really isn’t a whole lot of information out there on it in comparison to the other elements like Oxygen, Carbon, Potassium, and Sodium. Nevertheless, it is a critically important element the human body needs for survival. It falls under the Halogen category of elements on the Periodic Table along with Chlorine, Bromine, and Iodine. However, as we know Chlorine is poisonous to humans as is Fluorine. In order for humans to utilize this element, it must evolve to a higher “vibrational” level that can only be accomplished by other plants and animals before human consumption. Humans are able to utilize Fluoride, rather than Fluorine. Because it is part of the Halogen family, its properties are similar to that of Chloride and Iodine regarding human health. They all help with cleansing and protecting our cells and aid in an efficient metabolism. Fluoride is most well known for its role in resisting decay. Most notably, it helps prevent cavities and other dental problems. This is why you hear dentists all over the world talk about getting enough Fluoride in our diets. Most dentists will promote toothpastes that proclaim they have Fluoride in them, but I’m going to be honest with you, this synthetic Fluoride doesn’t really do any good. In fact, some studies say it could cause more harm than benefit. This is because once it is exposed to the slightest bit of heat, the element vanishes into the air. No elements that have been made in a chemistry lab or manufacturing plant are going to benefit humans because they have been exposed to heat or light and are synthetic. Humans simply cannot absorb these synthetic substitutes. Humans MUST get Fluoride in a highly evolved form that came from plants and animals, or food sources that are in their untouched state. Fluoride has a strong connection to Calcium, which is why it is crucial for the health of our bones, including teeth. Fluoride can provide the protective covering so Oxygen will not erode the bony and cartilaginous tissue, including joints and joint tissue. Fossils that have been found and appear to be relatively well preserved probably have a high amount of Fluoride in them. Because this element can resist decay, it allows humans to remain youthful looking. For those Ponce De Leon people out there, the fountain of youth actually comes from within our own bodies and is credited to certain preservative elements such as Sodium and Fluoride. Those that have a high Fluoride count, but not in excess, are very resistant to viruses, inflammation and dis-ease. This naturally brings me to the question of how humans can receive this highly evolved element in its natural untouched state. Some of the best sources for this wonderful element are, to name just a few, avocados, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, dates, garlic, raw fish such as sushi, seaweed, and raw (unpasteurized) goat and sheep’s cheese/milk. The more foods you can eat in their raw state the better. If you must cook, and some foods do need to be cooked, you should aim to steam, or cook with low heat in stainless steel pots and pans.

Sulfur (What’s That Smell?)


OK, who let one rip? That smells awful! Ugh! This comes from a compound of hydrogen and sulfur, which smells like rotten eggs. Somewhere in the digestive system was an excess of sulfur and in forming a compound with hydrogen, because we always have hydrogen (the water element), it came out and probably came close to dropping everyone to the floor like a bad habit. Sulfur is a very unique element in that it is extremely expulsive. If I say sulfur, what comes to mind first? Probably volcano or sulfuric acid. When talking about volcanic eruptions, sulfur is a key element during this type of reaction. It is an element in the Earth’s crust and by nature it is eruptive. If we take this same concept and stick it inside the body, the result is exactly the same. This element can be found in many foods, including meats, eggs, garlic, onions, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts to name a few. During the process of cutting onions, it is part of a chemical reaction that causes many humans to secrete tears. Our body’s natural defense to this chemical reaction is to cry in an attempt to flush out the sulfuric compound the onion releases. Sulfur can reach to the deepest of cells throughout the body and cause each individual cell to “erupt” and eliminate whatever toxins are being stored within the cell. After this occurs the toxins are met by other cells in the bloodstream that are able to attach to the toxins to shuttle them to our elimination channels. Many times excess sulfur will cause too many eruptions and the result is a volcano on our skin, which we all know as pimples, pustules, and acne and it ain’t pretty! Ever look closely at a pimple – it forms a mound, and when enough pressure is built up underneath, it can be squeezed and erupt – sounds pretty damn similar to a volcano doesn’t it? My point is, everything on Earth is interconnected and many things have similar concepts that can be viewed on different scales ranging from microscopic to macroscopic. Sulfur is known as a heating element and is part of how the nervous system sends electrical signals. Electricity obviously releases heat due to its high temperature, so every time we send signals through the nervous system, which is constantly, we are using this critical element. Most “winter vegetables” are high in sulfur due to the heat. These are the vegetables we need to eat to maintain a healthy brain and nervous system. In addition to what I named earlier, other “winter vegetables” are cauliflower and asparagus. This does not mean, you can only get these foods in the winter season, it simply means it allows many of these foods to survive a cold and bitter environment. Sulfur and Phosphorus are two elements, or minerals, that are attached to many proteins throughout the body. These two elements plus Carbon, Nitrogen, Oxygen, and Hydrogen, are why life on Earth exists and is able to sustain itself for a certain length of time, since everything seems to have a beginning and an end. At the end of the day, without Sulfur, the brain and nervous system will deteriorate and the physical body will degrade back into the dust and minerals of the Earth.

Iodine (Iodine-ing On Seafood Tonight?)


Iodine is quite possibly the most important element for all humans. It is only necessary in very trace amounts and can be found in algae, seafood, eggs, tropical fruits, and in varying amounts in many other green leafy vegetables, Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes and carrots. Regardless of how you get, I would obtain it from seafood, eggs, and algae to make sure we are getting plenty of it. One must reduce their toxic load, or else this element will get used up quickly and never get replenished. The thyroid is a gland located in the cervical region of the body (where the larynx is located just below the jaw). The thyroid produces two secretions, Triiodothyronine and Thyroxin (T3 and T4 on a blood test) as a way to regulate the metabolism. Manganese is another element that works closely to maintain an efficient Thyroid gland, but let’s keep this about Iodine. Iodine helps to break down toxins before they can cross over the Blood Brain barrier, which obviously protects our brain and nervous system from toxins. Clearly, Iodine is an important element. Our emotional and physical stresses from daily living require significant amounts of Iodine to break down the toxins produced by excess stress. To be blunt about it – if you don’t get enough of this every day, you are screwed! We become fatigued, prone to infection, have a poor healing ability, a slow metabolism, and live in a constant state of fear. Not my idea of fun! When the Thyroid becomes depleted of this element it must enlarge itself to filter more Iodine out of the bloodstream in order to keep the body running as effectively and efficiently as possible. The enlargement of the Thyroid is known as a goiter. As you can tell, when you deplete these Iodine stores and fail to replenish them, you begin to break down at an alarming rate. As the Thyroid speeds up to find more Iodine in the blood, it is called Hyperthyroidism. Over time, if it is not replaced, Hyperthyroidism turns to Hypothyroidism, because the gland gets tired of working over time and finally decides it is just easier to slow down the metabolism and immune system. Another reason why Iodine is crucial to our health is that it regulates the Calcium in our body. In addition to obtaining Vitamin D from the Sun’s energy and having enough Cholesterol in the body for this process to occur, Vitamin D and Iodine allow Calcium to perform it’s role in the body. Calcium, under tight regulation of the Iodine from the Thyroid, is then allowed to combine with Phosphorous to make bones dense and strong. Calcium is also secreted from the nervous system to cause a contraction of our muscles thereby keeping our posture in a fully lengthened position against gravity. Speaking of a fully lengthened posture, let’s discuss the importance of this on the Thyroid, and therefore on Iodine. If we lose our posture and our spinal extensor muscles cannot activate then we will flex forward in the upper body and put pressure on the cervical spine. This process will compress the Thyroid causing it to work harder and pump out more Iodine. Until you correct your posture, this is a vicious circle. It is relatively easy to stay away from this circle by eating plenty of seafood (or some other whole food source) and strengthening the muscles that aid in the full extension of our posture. Iodine is able to combine with many of the elements, which means it helps in the transporting of Oxygen via the Iron-centered protein, Hemoglobin. The more we can reduce stress levels and the more whole foods (especially some that are raw/fresh) we consume, the more we can conserve this vital element and ultimately protect our health and immune system. As we begin to clean up our eating habits and lifestyles, the quicker we see a turn around in our health and the more we are able to focus on the truly happy things in life. Sufficient Iodine and good posture sounds like a winning combination to me!

Manganese (Memory Enhancer, Metabolism Booster)


Another element that is critical to animal life is Manganese. Not to be confused with Magnesium, Manganese must be in correct balance if a higher level of intellect is wanted due to its necessary role in the maintenance of brain and nerve health. This mineral has been linked to having good memory! It gives humans a strong nervous system, but because nerves are constantly firing, it can be difficult to keep our manganese levels elevated. Manganese is a critical part in the breakdown of proteins and sugars, or nucleic acids. DNA, or Deoxyribonucleic Acid, naturally needs this mineral for good health. Without it, our DNA would not be able to replicate itself and pass on the genetic information to the next generation of cells. To control our metabolic demand, the Thyroid needs Manganese in order to produce Thyroxin, which helps with this crucial process. Metabolism is one of the most primitive survival mechanisms humans have, thereby making this element beyond critical to humans. Manganese works similar to Iron in that it binds with Oxygen to deliver needed nutrients to all parts of the body. This element is hard to come by, making many, if not most, humans deficient. It is found in foods truly in their natural state – raw nuts still inside their shells on the trees, wild berries, pineapple, steel-cut oats, and in almost all raw green leafy vegetables. Let me be clear here, you cannot COOK greens because you want them more appetizing. Heat will destroy this element, which means humans need to eat lots of raw green leaves every day. Animals and our ancestors from 15,000 years ago and earlier ate leaves straight from the plant, so stick your hand in a bucket of kale or swiss chard and put it in your mouth (or use a fork). The point is you need Manganese for a healthy brain and nervous system, and nuts contain anti-nutrients that prevent mineral absorption. This means that raw, dark green, leafy vegetables are your best bet in getting this far too important mineral. As you know by now, assuming you have read the Magnesium post, green leaves are high in fiber and help with relaxing the digestive system so that we have normal bowel movements that are not strenuous. Both Magnesium and Manganese are critical for healthy digestive tracts, healthy nerves, and healthy brains. My suggestion: grab yourself a home made salad with a mixture of dark green leaves and repeat this process every day for the rest of your life. Unless of course you don’t mind making trips to different doctors and complaining about an overactive nervous system, not being able to stay focused, having too stress, and having issues with your Thyroid.

Silicon (Your Source for Solar Powered Energy)


Silicon is an element that truly makes a human or any other animal or plant have a vibrant and radiant appearance. It is referred to as the “magnetic” element some times, but mostly it is known for its use in microchips in the technology industry. Silicon readily binds to Oxygen to make a compound found in quartz crystals. These crystals need a little voltage applied to them to essentially activate a continuous electrical circuit. Just about every cell in the human body contains potassium inside (negative charged), and sodium and calcium outside (negative charge). When our hydration levels are excellent, which should always be the case, these minerals naturally dissolve in water and become “charged” particles, or ions. Since almost every cell in humans contains these three ionic minerals, they are crucial to create the “spark” of life. Our cells have a Potassium-Sodium Pump that essentially acts as a gate for mineral fluid to flow in and out of cells. As water flushes into the cell carrying Sodium and Calcium with it, the charge is too great for the cell thereby forcing out the Potassium (two particles with a negative charge will repel each other). Because we have the ability to create a natural spark, or voltage, which travels through the nervous system, these nerve cells must branch out like trees to all parts of the body so we can appropriately fire the right movement pattern. All cells should be radiant and therefore contain silicon, especially the nerve cells of the body. As each cell creates a “spark” the properties of Silicon take over and create a continuous electrical surge through the rest of the nervous system in a phenomenon known as Piezoelectricity. Without Silicon, clearly we would be dull looking and gradually decompose back to the minerals of the Earth. Silicon is also the predominant element in solar cells, and we all know how important the sun is to life, therefore, humans are actually trillions of “solar powered cells.” Silicon makes nerve signals travel faster and more efficiently, but when we become deficient our nervous system gets overactive and creates all kinds of issues – stress, inflammation, dis-ease, cancer, degeneration. From a food perspective, silicon helps to neutralize the acids, or sugars, of the foods we consume. There is not nearly as much research on this element as there is with some other ones so I will finish this up by including a few foods that contain silicon. I think the point made above is pretty clear of the importance this mineral has on human health. Consuming foods with this element is not the case, we must clean up our lifestyles and food choices so that we have less stress and a higher absorption rate. The key is to ABSORB all minerals, including silicon, in the right ratios. With all that said, Silicon can be found in kelp, nuts, seeds, rice, oats, and unpasteurized goat/sheep milk or unpasteurized goat/sheep cheese.

Chloride (Bleach Vacation!)


To set things straight and up front, let’s not get confused with Chlorine. You will find Chlorine on the Periodic Table, however in the human body it is registered as Chloride and is used as a cleansing agent for the entire neuromusculoskeletal system. This can be viewed as the nervous system, which innervates the muscular system, which displaces the skeleton system, which performs work thus creating human movement. The five electrolytes of the body that oversee this whole process are Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, and Chloride. Because the Potassium and Sodium elements create an electrical signal due to their chemical properties, they will cause a nerve to innervate a muscle. This process will leave a residue after the Sodium and Potassium have been assimilated and used for each signal and muscle contraction. Calcium is also necessary for the muscle to contract. To counteract constant muscle contraction (spasm), Magnesium prevents the Calcium from contracting the muscle (relaxes the muscle), thereby providing us a “brake” to the “acceleration”. All four of these electrolytes (K, Na, Ca, Mg) have a positive charge and therefore need a negative charge to be able to eliminate them from the body. Chloride, acting as a cleaning agent to the residues left behind in the nerves and muscles, combines with those elements to help eliminate them and prevent autointoxication (failure to clean out the systems). If we did not have a way to eliminate these used materials, we would hold on to excess materials, or toxins, and cause illness. Clearly Chloride is essential for human health. Chloride is high in fish, celery, and raw (unpasteurized) goat milk, and there are varying amounts in many other foods such as any dark green leaf, and most other naturally green vegetables, as well as carrots, and sweet potatoes. As a human, you lose lots of Sodium throughout the day, which is paired with Chloride (NaCl) when being eliminated. Therefore you must eat plenty of lean, grass fed, or pasture raised meats in addition to their dark green leafy salads. Fruits, starchy root vegetables, and lipids in addition to sufficient water will yield Hydrogen, which pairs with Chloride in the stomach known as Hydrochloric acid. Again, water levels must be sufficient daily! This Hydrochloric Acid (HCl) helps the stomach break down complete proteins for rebuilding or repairing inflamed tissue throughout the systems of the body. As a cleansing agent Chloride naturally helps relax the nervous system by cleaning out its debris from firing signals all the time due to activities of daily life. The element has been linked to the GABA neurotransmitter, which acts as an inhibitory neuron signal (relaxes the nervous system). At the end of the day, Chloride is a wonderful element when in the correct balance, which can be achieved only by eating a variety of whole foods on a regular basis (80%+ of total food consumption every day). Water is a must because it keeps all of the electrolytes suspended in a solution so they can perform their job. If we are even remotely dehydrated electrolytes begin to malfunction and get worse as we become more dehydrated throughout the day. Things get parched and don’t work very efficiently and it gives on the appearance with symptoms from nervous system dysfunction to muscular dysfunction (including intestinal and heart muscle). The lesson here is to clean up our food choices, eat whole foods, and stay hydrated if we want to have a clean system, because the reality is simple – Chloride in the body is like Chlorine to clothes and a pool, it helps kill germs, parasites, viruses, and bacteria, thereby reducing inflammation.

Nitrogen (N) (A Balancing Act)

Nitrogen (N) (A Balancing Act)

Recently I’ve been reading about the biochemistry of humans. However, let me rewind for a second. Before getting involved in understanding biochemistry, years ago I got into the Paleo movement and quickly loved it and came to the conclusion that proteins were made by amino acids and that is the future of human nutrition. The biochemistry of Amino Acids was fascinating to me, but what really sticks out is that Nitrogen is a part of every amino acid, which are the building blocks of proteins. Amino acids are created from the gasses, Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Oxygen and the building block of organic life, Carbon. Carbon is at the backbone of all life when combined with the three previously mentioned gasses found around the Earth. Amino Acids are created with ammonia molecules, which contain Nitrogen. These guys dictate everything in the human body. They are the workers of the human body. Nitrogen is involved with protein production, enzymes, vitamins, skeletal/muscular development, fat and carbohydrate utilization, and hormone production. Clearly you can tell this an important chemical regarding nutrition and food. If we eat complete protein sources of meat, seafood and eggs in variety, we can obtain all essential and non essential amino acids that dictate our health and immune system. Although nitrogen is a part of amino acids and has a good effect on the body due to its relaxing effect in Nature, it can also be too toxic when humans cannot eliminate it properly causing an ammonia toxicity and then a wide array of illnesses including brain and nervous system abnormalities. That ultimately creates too much Nitric oxide in the body, since nitrogen and oxygen join to create nitric oxide and causes the body to break down and succumb to illness. With that said, if Nitrogen or Oxygen is out of balance, animals (including humans) are out of balance. Life will not exist if there is one without the other. By eating whole foods such as fruits, vegetables and a variety of meats, seafood, and eggs our bodies have an amazing ability to regulate itself and maintain optimal health to age gracefully. When exposed to too many toxic chemicals such as cleaning products and having poor elimination channels, we constantly tax our immune system and ultimately degrade, degenerate and decompose our own physical bodies. I use the word “tax” purposefully, because most of us, maybe all of us, hate being taxed on our money and lives, so what makes you think it is OK to do that to your immune system? Bottom line here: let’s clean up our lifestyles, get more daily sunlight, listen to our circadian (night-day) rhythm, drink sufficient amounts of water daily, eat plenty of vegetables and fruits, and most importantly get a surplus of meats, seafood, and eggs so our body knows how to manage its nitrogen balance and survive a long and healthy life.

Oxygen (O) (Burn It Up)

Oxygen (O) (Burn It Up)

This element is absolutely amazing. Oxygen itself is everywhere on this planet and usually comes in a compound with the minerals or rocks of the Earth. For example, Iron rusts due to its strong affinity to oxygen creating the compound, Iron Oxide. This element is involved in just about every process in the human body, including all proteins, fats, sugars, and DNA. Because of this involvement, it makes humans aerobic creatures as opposed to anaerobic creatures. Aerobic means “with Oxygen.” Therefore, anaerobic naturally means without Oxygen. Without Oxygen, we do not exist. Without plant life, animal life does not exist and it works in reverse as well. Plants use carbon dioxide and water to replenish the Oxygen on the Earth through the process of photosynthesis so animal life can thrive, and animals utilize oxygen to release energy, or heat, from the breakdown of food sources. This breakdown and release of energy is carbon dioxide and water. As you can tell there is a continuous cycle here that makes life work the way it does. Many years ago, the concentration of Oxygen in the atmosphere was greater than it was today. Today it is roughly at 21%.

By nature, Oxygen is explosive, constructive, destructive, corrosive, degenerative, and regenerative. Clearly it covers all aspects of build up and breakdown. In the presence of Oxygen, something will literally “burn” and leave an ash. This is how humans can utilize the nutrients from our foods. We eat, and due to Oxygen coming in through respiration, our lungs make it available so we can transport it through the bloodstream and can then “burn” our food to release energy or heat. It would make sense then that without Oxygen we would die. The other extreme exists too that with too much Oxygen we will burn up and die as well. The human body has an incredible ability to utilize Oxygen to create what we call life. As you now know, Iron combines with Oxygen. In the body, this occurs through a blood protein known as hemoglobin. This protein is critical to life. People that are Iron deficient, or anemic, naturally do not have a good ability to use Oxygen and the signs are very clear. They are pale, weak, fatigued, injury prone, and dis-ease prone, more so than healthy humans with sufficient Iron and Oxygen levels. When Oxygen combines with Carbon and Hydrogen, we get sugars and fats. When a sugar combines with ammonia, we get amino acids. When amino acids combine we get proteins and therefore a living organism.

Animals, including humans, need sunlight in order to absorb Oxygen. Most importantly, our eyes are the windows to the soul. When sunlight hits our eyes and Oxygen comes in through the lungs, this amazing element goes to work and allows you to do what you do best. This creates a potent energy know as “Qi” to the Asian countries or what I know as the “vital force” that yields vibrant health and a life worth living. It allows humans and other animals to move about the Earth to explore. Many humans take this whole process for granted. When we have plenty of Oxygen we feel lively, young, and healthy. Let’s keep it this way! The more you eat, the more Oxygen you need to burn up those foods and honestly there is only so much Oxygen you can utilize (the size and health of our lungs dictate that amount). This is why we feel sick after eating too much. It is also why we must continue to move. Oxygen is constantly moving, never stagnant. Ultimately, humans need to move as well so we can bring in more Oxygen and get our vibrant health back!


Hydrogen (H) (Simple, But Powerful)

Hydrogen (H) (Simple, But Powerful)

Hydrogen is a pretty interesting element. It is the most basic in the periodic table of chemical elements being the first one on it because it contains just a single proton and a single electron. Hydrogen, which is a gas by nature, is extremely powerful due to its explosiveness. Ever heard of a hydrogen bomb? Quite a few years ago, the United States harnessed its powerful effects and unloaded on the Japanese, wiping out a huge portion of them in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In the universe, hydrogen can reach unimaginable temperatures and eventually create the next element, Helium, through a process called nuclear fusion. Continuing this process will yield the rest of the elements in the table up to a certain number. So how does hydrogen have an effect on humans you might ask? When hydrogen combines readily with another gas, Oxygen, we get water. Now you get it? I could stop here, but there’s more to learn. It can also join with Carbon to create methyl derivatives. Another option is for it to pair up with yet another gas, Nitrogen, and create ammonia. N and H together are how we get amino acids and ultimately every protein in the human body. You are merely the product of lots of combinations of these elements in the periodic table that when struck by the light of the sun, creates a physical presence known as the human body. When mother nature joins the 3 elements of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen we create sugars. Voila! One of which is a 5 ring sugar known as ribose. This sugar is how we get DNA and RNA. Are you seeing the picture now? Good! Hydrogen is mostly known as a moisturizer when it comes to human nutrition and health. Hydrogen is found in all living organisms in abundance, but very often it is easy to become de-hydrogened. OK I made that word up so you would better understand. The real word should have been dehydrated. Now that you follow, I’ll carry on. Proper hydrogen, or hydration levels make ALL cell processes much more efficient and ultimately create a healthier you. Maintaining optimal water levels, a minimum of 80oz everyday no matter what, will help tremendously with digestion, absorption, assimilation, and elimination. In fact, I’ll bet you right now that if you start drinking more water every day, you’ll relieve your constipation at least a little bit and probably more than just a little. If you add in eating green leaves with the water every day, I guarantee you’ll be shocked at what comes out. I’m serious too! Try me if you don’t believe me. Here is my challenge: 100oz of good filtered water along with green leaves like spinach, kale, chard, dandelion, etc. 2-3 times per day and every day for 1 month. I bet the majority of you all out there won’t do it cause you don’t like either greens or water. You’d rather eat sugar rich foods and drink tea, coffee, soda, or alcohol. Don’t fool yourself. OK back to hydrogen. Hydrogen, or water, will help relieve stress levels, it will create better cell to cell communication, it will calm the over exhausted nervous system it will help cleanse both the liver and kidneys, among many other things in the body. When most of the world, roughly 7 billion humans, which by the way is way too many humans for this Earth to sustain, lives in a chronically dehydrated state, there’s no wonder why most of us are dying earlier or getting ill or struggling with many diseases. To conclude this report on hydrogen, I find it is in everybody’s best interest to drink a minimum of 80oz of filtered water every day and eat lots of fruits and vegetables everyday since they contain more hydrogen, water, than any other food out there. This will create a more alkaline (opposite of acidic) internal environment and allow all cells to work optimally and efficiently and create a more invigorating life that is free of many, if not most or possibly all illnesses and diseases known to man.



Carbon (C) (The Foundation of Life)

Carbon (C) (The Foundation of Life)

I’m sure you know a little bit about this all too important element of the Earth, carbon. I could probably write a few pages about it, but you won’t read it all because you probably don’t have the time. So unless you really want to change your lifestyle, and if so let’s chat, keep reading to learn the basic characteristics of this element. Carbon is the builder of life on Earth and possibly of the universe. Due to the recent probe, Philae, that landed on a comet and discovered the presence of carbon, we can reasonably conclude that this element is why life on Earth even exists to this day. Carbon can join with other carbon atoms and form things like diamonds. Ooo diamonds! Guys, they really do mean a lot to your girlfriend or wife so get her one if she means that much to you that you want to show her off and tell everyone you found your person. Carbon can also join forces with hydrogen atoms to form many different molecules, such as methyl derivatives (some combination of C and H atoms). In regards to human nutrition and food, carbon is attached to 3 other atoms of hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen, to create food. It is literally the backbone of all food sources. All proteins, fats, and carbohydrates contain carbon plus some combination of the other 3 atoms just mentioned above. Carbohydrates consist of exactly what it sounds like, hydrated carbon, or water logged carbon. Stop and think about that… I just said water logged carbon. How many of you are overweight, even slightly? Or how many have edema, or swelling of the body? Maybe diabetes? Am I painting a picture for you? I should be painting a clear one for you… Stop eating carbohydrates if you want to lose weight and regain your immunity! The liver knows PRECISELY how much sugar the body needs to keep it efficient and working optimally. Any more and you “build” yourself up too much which ultimately causes illness, dis-ease, inflammation, or worse, death. On the other hand, don’t freak out too much, because carbon is necessary. It can build things for you as mentioned, but only in the correct amount. When the body digests carbon, it has an affinity for oxygen, which when combined, form by products that are very easy to eliminate. These by products are water (H2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2). There is a line to be drawn though. When crossed and we start consuming and absorbing more carbon, it naturally prevents absorption of other minerals like calcium, iron, and potassium, leading to deficiencies. This road leads to all sorts of issues, including diabetes, arthritis, inflammation, and exhaustion of the nervous system, among many other possibilities. One last thing I feel I should point out is that excess carbohydrates, or sugars, leads to an imbalance in our electrolytes (magnesium, calcium, potassium, and sodium) but most importantly, it leads to an acidic environment. Parasites, bacteria, and viruses all thrive in a sugar filled, acid dominated environment. I don’t know about you, but that’s enough motivation for me to consume more high quality, complete proteins and good fats and to reduce carbohydrate intake. This simple change, as well as other lifestyle changes, will help restore the amazing and unique immune system that is crucial to our well being. A great immune system will allow you to live your life to its fullest!