Intuitive Eating… Your Thoughts?

Intuitive Eating… Your Thoughts?

So what does “Intuitive Eating” mean to you?…

Well, the word intuitive is a “gut feeling” so to speak. No pun intended there by using the word “gut” since we are talking about intuitive eating. We all know what the word eating means, to consume food as a means of obtaining energy. If we combine these two words in one phrase, we get “a gut feeling about which foods to consume for energy.” Remember now that the goal is to consume the foods with the most energy so you stay full longer and give your body time to communicate with your brain so it can send out signals saying you are full and when the next time is you need to get more energy through food.

The other goal here is to eliminate cravings. Cravings are the exact opposite of intuitive eating. Cravings literally make you come back for more because certain foods will trick the brain into thinking it is still hungry and therefore you eat more of the probably not so good foods. This causes more cravings after about an hour and you have just fallen into a vicious cycle of over eating without any communication whatsoever between your gut and your brain. Anything with added sugars is generally the cause of this vicious cycle, but many carbohydrates will do the same thing if not eaten in moderation. Meats, Seafood, eggs are high quality protein sources and in addition to healthy fats, will prevent these cravings and allow proper communication so that we can “intuitively eat.”

Tens of thousands of years ago our ancestors rarely ate foods that were high in sugars because they had to hunt and gather their foods. And foods that are in the wild are always low in sugars. Intuitive eating for our ancestors during these times was easy. It was all they had! As the saying goes, “Out of sight, out of mind.” Except it was never in sight for them, because sugars to them was eating a piece of fruit or digging up a root of some sort such as beets, carrots, sweet potatoes, etc.

In today’s society though, we have access to all kinds of foods and it is clear that sugar is extremely addictive so it keeps you coming back for more. Sugar is clearly winning the game in today’s society. When I say, “out of sight, out of mind” in current times, people look at me like I’m a joke. This is no joke, folks. Ever watched a cat play with a toy and lose it under the couch? Once they can’t see it anymore, they move on. This is what intuitive eating means. This is how it should be for you! If you get sugars out of your sight, then they will be out of your mind, literally. If you stop eating them, they won’t be able to clog up your brain. You will actually be able to focus on eating healthier foods!

The hard part is about having the self-discipline to follow through. The more honest you are with yourself, the better you will be at following through and reducing your sugars to an absolute minimum throughout the day. Intuitive eating allows for only the natural sugars that come from fruits, vegetables, roots and tubers and that is all the body needs. None of this crap from candy, junk foods, fruit juices, cakes, cookies, or boxed foods that mask added sugars. All of these have 0 energy that is useful to the human body. They are literally “dead” foods. Keep eating them and you’ll be “dead” too.

It is time you get real with yourself, and actually do something about your health. Grab this whole intuitive eating thing by the reins and win the battle. You’ll be glad you did every day from here on out. Clear up your digestive system so you can have better bathroom breaks, so your brain can actually think clearly, and so you can perform at your best. Once your system is cleared and you are eating foods in their natural untouched state, your body will begin to communicate with the brain. When this communication is not interfered with anymore, you can truly listen to your body and brain and continue down the path to success. The path to intuitive eating that yields vibrant health. The successful path is the one that has the “gut feeling” to know when to “consume foods with the highest amount of good quality energy” so that you can perform at your best day in and day out. Intuitive eating is your way to a level of health that is not easily reached. In fact, most people never get there. It’s what they call, Self-Awareness. Let me know how it feels, when you have reached this level.

What are your thoughts about Intuitive Eating?

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