Sulfur (What’s That Smell?)


OK, who let one rip? That smells awful! Ugh! This comes from a compound of hydrogen and sulfur, which smells like rotten eggs. Somewhere in the digestive system was an excess of sulfur and in forming a compound with hydrogen, because we always have hydrogen (the water element), it came out and probably came close to dropping everyone to the floor like a bad habit. Sulfur is a very unique element in that it is extremely expulsive. If I say sulfur, what comes to mind first? Probably volcano or sulfuric acid. When talking about volcanic eruptions, sulfur is a key element during this type of reaction. It is an element in the Earth’s crust and by nature it is eruptive. If we take this same concept and stick it inside the body, the result is exactly the same. This element can be found in many foods, including meats, eggs, garlic, onions, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts to name a few. During the process of cutting onions, it is part of a chemical reaction that causes many humans to secrete tears. Our body’s natural defense to this chemical reaction is to cry in an attempt to flush out the sulfuric compound the onion releases. Sulfur can reach to the deepest of cells throughout the body and cause each individual cell to “erupt” and eliminate whatever toxins are being stored within the cell. After this occurs the toxins are met by other cells in the bloodstream that are able to attach to the toxins to shuttle them to our elimination channels. Many times excess sulfur will cause too many eruptions and the result is a volcano on our skin, which we all know as pimples, pustules, and acne and it ain’t pretty! Ever look closely at a pimple – it forms a mound, and when enough pressure is built up underneath, it can be squeezed and erupt – sounds pretty damn similar to a volcano doesn’t it? My point is, everything on Earth is interconnected and many things have similar concepts that can be viewed on different scales ranging from microscopic to macroscopic. Sulfur is known as a heating element and is part of how the nervous system sends electrical signals. Electricity obviously releases heat due to its high temperature, so every time we send signals through the nervous system, which is constantly, we are using this critical element. Most “winter vegetables” are high in sulfur due to the heat. These are the vegetables we need to eat to maintain a healthy brain and nervous system. In addition to what I named earlier, other “winter vegetables” are cauliflower and asparagus. This does not mean, you can only get these foods in the winter season, it simply means it allows many of these foods to survive a cold and bitter environment. Sulfur and Phosphorus are two elements, or minerals, that are attached to many proteins throughout the body. These two elements plus Carbon, Nitrogen, Oxygen, and Hydrogen, are why life on Earth exists and is able to sustain itself for a certain length of time, since everything seems to have a beginning and an end. At the end of the day, without Sulfur, the brain and nervous system will deteriorate and the physical body will degrade back into the dust and minerals of the Earth.

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