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Manganese (Memory Enhancer, Metabolism Booster)
Silicon (Your Source for Solar Powered Energy)
Chloride (Bleach Vacation!)
Nitrogen (N) (A Balancing Act)
Oxygen (O2) (Burn It Up)
Carbon (C) (The Foundation of Life)
Hydrogen (H) (Simple, But Powerful)
Zinc (The Body’s Battery and Healing Force)
Vitamin K (K for Clotting)
Vitamin A (I Can See Clearly Now)
Vitamin E (Why Fat Is Friendly)
Copper (Cu) (Small But Mighty)
Vitamin B Complex (One Big Happy Family)
Vitamin C (More Than Just An Immune System Boost)
Magnesium (Mg) (Keep It Movin’)
Sodium (Na) (Let’s Not Be Salty)
Phosphorus (P) (Food for Thought… Literally)
Iron (Fe) (Get Your Blood Pumpin’)
Calcium (Ca) (Put That Cow’s Milk Down)
Cholesterol (I’ve Been Framed!)
Vitamin D (You Are My Sunshine)
Potassium (K) (Go Bananas)