Phosphorus (P) (Food for Thought… Literally)

Phosphorus (P) (Food For Thought… Literally)

Phosphorus, while in some forms is used to ignite matches, is also a much needed nutrient in the human body, but most of us don’t ever get enough. OK so that’s only partially true. We often get our daily dose, but too often it is in the wrong form. This nutrient comes from both egg yolks and animal meats as well as plant sources. And that is the major difference – which kingdom contains the source. Humans need both, however our storage of this quickly used up nutrient is mostly in our bones. When you eat vegetables, whether it be leafy sources, root sources, or tree stalk sources, your body stores phosphorus in its skeletal structure. Rarely do we get enough from animal sources and this type of phosphorus is what helps keep our brain and nerves from becoming overheated and inflamed from too much usage. Every thought we have uses up this type of phosphorus! And you wonder (or can you?) why too many people have nerve problems or nerve degeneration. When we have enough or even a surplus of both storage types, it makes the human body appear as if it has a slight glow to it. Lightning bugs or fireflies glow in the dark and this is why. Damn, wish I had known that in high school. Probably would have made that A. Oh well, let’s get back to the spotlight. Phosphorus is one of the building blocks to our very protective myelin sheaths that allow for nerve impulses to be properly transmitted from nerve cell to nerve cell via the synaptic gap. I previously mentioned we store the majority of this nutrient in our bones and when it binds to the calcium within the bones it forms calcium phosphate and gives us those strong bones we need to survive. And this is why Nature provides an ideal amount of both calcium and phosphorus together in the numerous species of plants around the world. One without the other doesn’t work, therefore all the dairy products you like won’t really give you the “strong bones” you think your getting due to the lack of phosphorus. Far too often we combine cow’s milk with cereal grains in the morning and we get hit doubly as hard. Many plants contain phosphorus in the form of phytates, which when consumed by humans causes malabsorption in the intestinal tract of many other nutrients including the way too important one, Zinc. This ultimately creates a vicious chain reaction so do yourself a favor and start eating your egg yolks in a runny state (poached) as well as eating grass fed meats – they contain some healthy fats that contain this much needed nutrient. In the end, your brain and nervous system will be very appreciative!


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